The Top Things to do in Ballarat

History-rich and home to a number of distinctive attractions, Ballarat to the north-west of capital Melbourne is nothing if not unique. Full of heritage both in its landmarks and architecture as a result of its early development during the Australian Gold Rush period, the city is large and brimming with examples of Victorian-era buildings that remain in top condition to this day.

As a result, a visit here is akin in many ways to stepping back in time, and many history-oriented attractions that document the interesting and tumultuous past of Ballarat to visitors can be experienced firsthand. Step back directly into a surprisingly encompassing and accurate simulation of the 1850's at Sovereign Hill, which comes complete with in-character-and-costume townspeople and era-accurate buildings; view a movie while surrounded by antiquity at the historic Her Majesty's Theatre; enter an attraction straight out of the Middle Ages at Kryal Castle; or visit any of the city's number of well-curated museums and galleries for an in-depth look at history.

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